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Daniella De-Nur Publishers Ltd was established in1988 and has since carved out a unique niche in the Israeli publishing industry, specialising in high quality publications, sophisticated coffee-table books and illustrated children’s books.

The publishing house is situated in Tel Aviv, the hub of Israeli culture and provides a haven and breeding ground for the conception and production of the finest books as well as unique education projects.

Driven by a respect for her readers, De-Nur, the Publisher and Chief Editor, collaborates with leading international illustrators, writers and artists, to ensure every creation is of the highest standard.

Daniella De-Nur Publishers has been working in collaboration with Walker Books (UK), Nathan (France), L’cole des Loisirs & Pastel (France and Belgium), Watts (UK), BAjAZZo (Switzerland), Davies-Black (USA), Bayard (France), Duncan Baird / Watkins (UK), Albin Michel (France), Nosy Crow (UK) and others. Over the years, the publishing house has sold translation rights to Flammarion (France), Klematis (Denmark), Moses (Germany), Little Book Room (USA), Katofli (Greece), Machaon (Russia), Patloch (Germany), DeAgostini (Italy), Clever Group (Russia), Bantam Books (UK), MPF (Italy), Pastel (Belgium), Atlantida (Argentina and S. America), Labirinth (Bulgaria), Pagony (Hungary), Janis Roze (Latvia) Brazda (Lithuania).

The highly regarded brand, A-NO-NI-MA, was launched under the publishing house’s umbrella in 2005.
A-NO-NI-MA meticulously produces children’s books (both original and translated) of superior quality that approach children with the respect and affection they deserve.

A-NO-NI-MA+ was established in 2006 and is the home for Rony Oren’s Secrets of Clay™, an international bestselling books series, with more than 1 million copies sold globally. The series presents a unique method for crafting enchanting clay characters and scenes, using just three basic shapes: a ball, a hot dog and a pancake.

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