November 2016 proved to be an exciting month for Rony as he connected with the Planetopija book publisher on a personal and professional level. As the guest of this exclusive publisher he attended the 39th edition of the Interliber International Book Fair in Zagreb’s Velesajam in the Croatian capital. Roni joined the huge numbers of international visitors as well as more than 250 publishers from around the world.


PLANETOPIJA books promote a holistic approach to solving issues related to human beings and community, as well as trust in the power of innate growth and personal development. Publishing around 30 new titles every year, Planetopija has become a reference name in Croatia for the finest books in the field of natural cuisine as well as in personal growth, body, mind and spirit. The publishing house has a selection of quality children’s’ books, with great focus on exquisite design and a positive educational message for both children and parents. Priding itself on a wholesome business approach in promoting healthy lifestyles, Planetopija reflects the core values of ethics, ecology and economy. As such Rony Oren found a shared common language with the publishing house thanks to the success of the Secrets of Clay series in Croatia, but also as an hobbyist farmer with his own organic farmhouse and a firm supporter of organic food production.


Following a very successful trip that integrated the book fair, television appearances, visits to children’s hospitals, hugely popular hands-on workshops and signings Rony and Planetopija feel confident that 2017 will be a mutually beneficial year, strengthening the shared positive language promoted by Secrets of Clay and the publishing house.