A-No-Ni-MA + is the home for Rony Oren’s World of Creation. As a reflection of the brand’s international success, together with the uniquely beneficial content of the Secrets of Clay™ books, the A-Ni-Ma+ CENTER is to be established in the heart of Tel Aviv.  The center’s name was inspired by the Latin word Anime meaning one’s soul, a person’s true inner self and the life-force that animates every individual.  

Reflecting this essence, the A-Ni-Ma+ CENTER focuses on animating the mind through creativity, providing experiential activity opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds. 

The A-Ni-Ma+ CENTER will feature regular clay and animation workshops, employing Rony Oren’s unique Method. In addition, the center will host a full program of activities to engage people interested in animation artistry, music and imaginative discovery – all striving towards a sole purpose: To encourage creativity and expand awareness. 

In this capacity, the center also provides the launch pad for coaches trained to instruct in the Rony Oren Method for all audiences, particularly children with special needs. From the A-Ni-Ma+ CENTER coaches can hone their skills in this unique and empowering methodology, becoming optimally qualified to improve the lives people with special needs in schools and/or organizations.

Please contact us for further information about our dedicated programs for people with special needs.

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