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November 2016 – Rony Oren finds a common language with Croatian readers and the unique Planetopija publisher

November 2016 proved to be an exciting month for Rony as he connected with the Planetopija book publisher on a personal and professional level. As the guest of this exclusive publisher he attended the 39th edition of the Interliber International Book Fair in Zagreb’s Velesajam in the Croatian capital. Roni joined the huge numbers of international visitors as well as more than 250 publishers from around the world.

PLANETOPIJA books promote a holistic approach to solving issues related to human beings and community, as well as trust in the power of innate growth and personal development. Publishing around 30 new titles every year, Planetopija has become a reference name in Croatia for the finest books in the field of natural cuisine as well as in personal growth, body, mind and spirit. The publishing house has a selection of quality children’s’ books, with great focus on exquisite design and a positive educational message for both children and parents. Priding itself on a wholesome business approach in promoting healthy lifestyles, Planetopija reflects the core values of ethics, ecology and economy. As such Rony Oren found a shared common language with the publishing house thanks to the success of the Secrets of Clay series in Croatia, but also as an hobbyist farmer with his own organic farmhouse and a firm supporter of organic food production.

Following a very successful trip that integrated the book fair, television appearances, visits to children’s hospitals, hugely popular hands-on workshops and signings Rony and Planetopija feel confident that 2017 will be a mutually beneficial year, strengthening the shared positive language promoted by Secrets of Clay and the publishing house.


September 2016 – Planetopija d.o.o., Croatian publisher, joins the Clayground family

Sharing Daniella De Nur Publishing House’s core values of quality books that respect readers, Planetopija d.o.o. is synonymous with inspiring and exciting titles. The Croatian publisher now joins the Clayground family, bringing Clayground creativity to new fans throughout Croatia. Rony Oren will help kick off promotional activities with a packed roadshow starting early November. The tour is timed to also take in the Zagreb Book Fair starting on November 8.


Planetopija have decided to start with “Animals in the Wild” which is set to hit bookstores later this month.


June 2015 – Internationally best-selling fun & creative how-to books


April 2015 – Rony Oren tours Latvia to accompany the launch of Pets and Farm Animals

Rony Oren and publisher Daniella De-Nur hit the road this April to tour Latvia with a packed agenda of master classes, round-tables, workshops and lectures. A series of university events will allow Rony to share his craft with fellow artists and students of media, animation and art. Visiting locations throughout Latvia – museums, children’s hospitals, community centers and book stores – Rony will meet new fans of all ages, creating with them beautiful clay figures. The tour is part of the exciting campaign that accompanies the first Secrets of Clay ™ title, Pets and Farm Animals, published at the end of April 2015 thanks to the generous support of the Israel Embassy in Riga, who chose Rony Oren – as a renowned cultural ambassador – to emphasize Israel creative and innovation during 2015 day of independence.

March 2015 – Janis Roze Latvian publishers join the growing Clayground family

Débuting Pets and Farm Animals, Janis Roze Publishers are excited about the attention already generated for the first in the Secrets of Clay™ series in Latvia. Now Latvian readers young and old can join the global Clayground fan-base and apply Rony’s simple method to delight in beautiful animal clay creations.

March 2015 – High hopes for the Cupcakes Russian language release this month

Set for a spring release, Cupcakes is anticipated to be yet another best seller for Machaon, our Secrets of Clay™ Russian partner. The second in the Secrets of Sugar Paste™ series follows quick on the heels of the successful Russian language Birthday Cakes, which reached 2nd edition within the first month of its release.

February 2015 – Dinosaurs to reach an astounding 9th edition in Russian

Machaon, the highly active and successful Russian co-publisher of Secrets of Clay™ announces the launch of the 9th edition of Dinosaurs. This release reflects the huge and ever growing fan base for the Secrets of Clay™ unique method and book series, which has already globally sold 1,015,000 copies.

August 2014 – Eagerly anticipated Cupcakes, the 2nd in the Secrets of Sugar Paste set for release

Following the remarkable global success of the Secrets of Clay® series, requests from fans flooded in to adapt Rony Oren’s simple method and transform the well loved Clayground character creations into sugar paste designs for cake decorations. As a result, an exciting bakery/craft alliance emerged between Rony Oren and Tal Katz with the release of the first in the Secrets of Sugar Paste series – “Birthday Cakes” earlier this year to a warm reception from old fans and new. Now once again, sugar paste and clay modelling enthusiasts are in for a tasty treat with the release of the second in the series, “Cupcakes”: Always fun, elegant and delicious for any occasion. With the Secrets of Sugar Paste, anyone can find their inner artist, whether creating in clay or sugar paste. Once again with “Cupcakes”, simple, step-by-step instructions accompanied by 1:1 scale photographs make it possible for anyone to create unique and mouth-watering cupcake originals.

May 2014 – Birthday Cakes already goes to 2nd edition within one month of launch in Russia:

May 2014 saw the launch of “Birthday Cakes”, the first in the singular Secrets of Sugar Paste series. Machaon, the esteemed co-publisher of Secrets of Clay, has experienced stunning success with the series, topping best-seller lists and selling hundreds of thousands of copies throughout Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Given the Secrets of Clay™ sensation, a positive response was anticipated for the Secrets of Sugar Paste. However, the public’s reaction exceeded all expectations. The new release was so enthusiastically received, that the “Birthday Cakes” hardback went to its second edition within only one month of the first edition.

January 2014 – Just released “Birthday Cakes”, the first title in the new series “Secrets of Sugar Paste”

Following his best-selling international phenomena, the Secrets of Clay® series, Rony Oren invited Tal Keren Katz to join forces in an exciting craft–bakery alliance. A kaleidoscope of colors, designs, ideas, flavors and taste sensations burst from the pages of this book: Transforming well-loved Clayground characters into irresistible birthday cakes. Now, for the first time, Rony will design and create, together with the talented Tal Keren Katz, a mouth-watering world from sugar paste.

December 2013 – Rony Oren Receives an Enthusiastic Reception at the Guadalajara International Book Fair

Rony Oren joined a delegation of Israeli writers, academics and musicians as the guest nation of honor at this year’s Guadalajara International Book Fair in Mexico. The highly anticipated event with over 700,000 visitors lived up to all expectations. Rony’s series of master classes held in the 5,000 square-foot Israeli pavilion was consistently packed out by children and adults. At the sessions the new Spanish edition Secrets of Clay series published by Atlantida in Argentina were presented for the first time.

Following the book fair, was a packed events schedule for Rony Oren in Mexico City. Rony gave a succession of singular workshops for people with special needs at the Kadima Center. Part of the A-Ni-Ma+ Center’s outreach activity program abroad, the highly successful workshops were both unique and heart-warming. In equally high demand, Rony presented more than twenty master classes around the city, generating a great deal of media interest and each proving more popular than the previous.

November 2013 – Rony Oren to attend the International Guadalajara Book Fair

The International Guadalajara Book Fair opening ceremony will take place on Saturday, November 30, in the presence of Israel’s President Shimon Peres. The fair showcases the second largest publishing market. Rony Oren and his publisher, Daniella De-Nur are proud to join a delegation of Spanish-translated leading children’s writers, illustrators and artists representing Israel as the fair’s guest of honor for 2013. The group includes the internationally acclaimed A.B. Yehoshua, David Grossman, Etgar Keret and Zeruya Shaleve, together with Nobel Prize winners in science and technology. During the Fair Rony has been invited to lead a series of workshops, both at the Fair and in Mexico City to celebrate the launch of the much anticipated Secrets of Clay™ Spanish edition.

November 2013 – Machaon-Atticus receives first Secrets of Clay™ merchandising export shipment

Daniella De-Nur publishers is delighted to announce the first merchandising export shipment to Machaon-Atticus publishing group in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The publishing group will receive Secrets of Clay branded Clay and mini-Kits (including Penguin, Frog, Kuala, Frog and Sheep kits), plus the mini-Kits for Christmas (Santa-Claus, Snowman, Reindeer, Elf and Christmas Accessories), together with 250 gram Quality Clay Boxes. Given the already overwhelming reception the Secrets of Clay™ has enjoyed in Russian language territories, the merchandize is much anticipated by young and old Claymasters eager to create a selection of their favorite Clayground characters.

November 2013 – Rony Oren, will be joining 35 hand-picked Israeli writers and artists at the Guadalajara International Book Fair, Mexico.

Israel is welcomed as the fair’s special guest of honor and the book fair will be opened in the presence of Israel’s President. Editorial Atlántida, the prominent Argentine publishing house will launch the Secrets of Clay™ Spanish editions with a host a series of special Clayground activities for children, as well as film and animation students.

October 2013 – This year Frankfurt book fair with more 7500 exhibitors from 110 countries focuses on children books.

Daniella De Nur Publishers would like to invite buyers to visit us at Hall: 8; Stand 095c and meet in person, while experiencing the full range of titles, as well as the latest exciting Clayground edition “Birthday Cakes” from the new Secrets of Sugar Paste series.

October 2013 – Secrets of Clay™ causes much interest at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Daniella De Nur returned from the Frankfurt Book Fair having received a warm reception for the publisher’s portfolio and intense interest in the Secrets of Clay™ translation rights.

Particular excitement and interest surrounded the new series: Secrets of Sugar Paste, a unique collaboration between Claymaster, Rony Oren and expert sugar paste sculpture, Tal Karen Katz, which many visitors saw for the first time. Representing a true cross-section of the global market, publishers from America, Vietnam, India, China, the Czech Republic and Poland were keen to replicate the successful and field proven Secrets of Clay model in their territories. Having already topped the best-seller lists with the Secrets of Clay™ titles, Russian publishing group Machaon-Atticus, incorporated the new series into their publishing schedule for 2014. Machaon will be the first foreign co-publisher launching Russian versions of: Birthday Cakes and Cupcakes.

October 2013 – This year Frankfurt book fair with more 7500 exhibitors from 110 countries focuses on children books.

Daniella De Nur Publishers would like to invite buyers to visit us at Hall: 8; Stand 095c and meet in person, while experiencing the full range of titles, as well as the latest exciting Clayground edition “Birthday Cakes” from the new Secrets of Sugar Paste series.

October 2013 – This year Frankfurt book fair with more 7500 exhibitors from 110 countries focuses on children books.

Daniella De Nur Publishers would like to invite buyers to visit us at Hall: 8; Stand 095c and meet in person, while experiencing the full range of titles, as well as the latest exciting Clayground edition “Birthday Cakes” from the new Secrets of Sugar Paste series.

October 2013

Machaon, the Clayground family’s Russian publisher, is the first to acquire the translation rights of the Secrets of Sugar Paste series

October 2013 – Rony Oren honored by the 13th Animix Festival as “Very Special Guest”

“Birthday Cakes”, the first title in the series, pays tribute to the most exciting day in every child’s year, with a cake that will transform any party into a truly memorable occasion.

August 2013 – Rony Oren honored by the 13th Animix Festival as “Very Special Guest”

The 13th year of the international festival for animation, comics and caricature, taking place in Tel Aviv pays special homage to Rony Oren as an award winning animator/film maker and internationally best-selling author.

July 2013 – Dedicated follower of the Rony Oren method leads sell-out workshop in Sofia.

LABIRINTH, our Bulgarian co-publisher attended a sell-out workshop this month to present the Secrets of Clay™ book series and unique method of creating clay figures with only three shapes: Ball, pancake and sausage. The workshop was led by a Claymaster and advocate of the Roni Oren unique method. Held in Sofia at the beginning of July the workshop was attended by approximately 50 children and adults eager to try the Secrets of Clay.


July 2013 – Spanish editions of Secrets of Clay™ 1, 2 and 3 launched.

Pets & Farm Animals, Animals in the Wild and Dinosaurs are published in Argentina and throughout South America, receiving enthusiastic reviews.

April 2013 – Latest Release Reveals the Secrets of Sugar Paste

A kaleidoscope of flavors and taste sensations burst from the pages of the latest Clayground release. Rony Oren and Tal Keren Katz have joined forces in an exciting craft–bakery alliance: Transforming well-loved Clayground characters into delicious sugar paste cake sculptures. The two gifted artists combine their talents in a series of dazzling and delicious easy-to-make cake designs.

Visitors to the London Book Fair of this month were thrilled to get their first glance at the latest Clayground creation – Birthday Cakes: The opening title from the Secrets of Sugar Paste collaboration between Rony Oren and master sugar paste sculpture and cake maker, Tal Keren Katz. Birthday Cakes created a big buzz at the show and was accompanied by excitement surrounding the fast approaching 1 million book sales mark for the globally successful Secrets of Clay™ series. With yet more foreign publishers keen to acquire translation rights for Secrets of Clay™ and Secrets of Sugar Paste titles, the Clayground family keeps expands. New members will be announced shortly.

February 2013 – Latest Rony Oren Russian Titles Break New Sales Record

Following the hugely successful September 2012 Eurasia book tour, Russia experienced record breaking sales this holiday season (November to January), exceeding 56,000 copies for “Rony’s Christmas” and over 12,000 copies for “The Nativity Scene”. Already on the verge of celebrating 1 million global sales, the best-selling Secrets of Clay™ series can now truly claim universal appeal.

January 2013 – End of year newsflash!

Rony’s Clayground with Secrets Of Clay™ ends 2012 on a high note!

Both Pets and Farm Animals and the recently released Rony’s Clay Christmas proudly first place place on the Amazon best-seller list in Russia for 2012.

December 2012 – Clayground magic dazzles Bulgaria for the first time

Harnessing the Clayground fascination that has swept across Eastern Europe, Labirinth publishers have now started work on translating the debut Bulgarian edition of Pets & Farm Animals. A spring launch is planned where the first in the Secrets of Clay™ books are expected to fly off the shelves into eager shoppers’ baskets.

November 2012 – Lithuanians gear up for Clayground fun as Manoknyga launches the first in the Secrets of Clay™ series

November looks to be an exciting month for Lithuanian Claymasters as Manoknyga launches the much anticipated first title in the Secrets of Clay™ series, Pets & Farm Animals.

October 2012 – Machaon launches Secrets of Clay™ 1, 2 and 3 in the Ukraine, topped with “Rony’s Clay Christmas” next month

Riding high on the hugely successful Rony Oren visit, Ukrainian publisher, Machaon, launches books 1, 2 and 3 from the Secrets of Clay™ series: Pets & Farm AnimalsAnimals in the Wild and Dinosaurs in the Ukraine this month. These will be closely followed by “Rony’s Clay Christmas” in November, just in time for the Christmas shoppers.

See pictures from Rony Oren’s latest workshop tour throughout Eurasia.

September 2012 – Rony Oren honoured to act as ambassador for Israeli culture and creativity:

Next month’s landmark road show organized by the Israeli Foreign Ministry plans to reach areas that claim some of the world’s richest literature legacies. Incorporating outstanding exposure, Rony’s exciting route criss-crosses the vast Eurasian landscape from St. Petersburg, to Siberia and Kazakhstan. He will take in international book fairs in Moscow and Lvov, Ukraine, fun-filled workshops with patients at a Moscow children’s hospital, lectures for art and animation students, plus workshops galore for Claymasters aged 6 to 86. Along the way Rony will be hosted by local Secrets of Clay™ publishers at book signings which will include the latest from the Secrets of Clay™ series The Birth of Christ and Christmas as well as plenty of other activities.

August 2012 – Unveiling Rony’s Nativity Scene in Germany and Russia next:

Following success in Italy last Christmas, The Nativity, the latest from the Secrets of Clay™ How To series, is set for German and Russian release in September 2012. Allowing children to create their own manger scene, The Nativity makes an ideal gift choice and offers a distinctly family-centric seasonal experience. Both co-publishers – Moses, in Germany and Machaon in Russia – anticipate their local editions to make a huge hit just in time for Christmas build-up.

June 2012 – New Clayground merchandising opportunities:

A set of four placemats featuring some of the best loved characters from the Secrets of Clay™ book series will expand the exclusive Clayground portfolio. As anticipation builds, an excited buzz accompanies the upcoming launch for this latest Clayground branded merchandise. Whether providing an ideal Claymasters’ work surface or a fun ingredient at dinner time, Clayground placemats will soon be available worldwide.

May 2012 – Rony Oren’s Clayground welcomes a new publisher to its expanding global network:

Based in Lithuania and recognized experts in Internet sales, Brazda publishers, through imprint Manoknyga will be launching “Pets & Farm Animals” onto a market ripe for hands-on, creative Clayground fun.