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Born in Tel Aviv in 1951, Daniella De-Nur established the Daniella De-Nur Publishing House in 1988 and proceeded to carve out a unique niche in the Israeli publishing industry. The publishing house was situated in Tel Aviv, the hub of Israeli culture and provided a haven and breeding ground for the conception and production of the finest books as well as unique education projects. Motivated by a respect for her readers, De-Nur, the Publisher and Chief Editor, chose to collaborate with leading international illustrators, writers and artists, to ensure every creation was of the highest standard.

Daniella De-Nur Publishers collaborated with several leading and innovative publishing houses around the world. These included Walker Books (UK), Nathan (France), L’cole des Loisirs & Pastel (France and Belgium), Watts (UK), BAjAZZo (Switzerland), Davies-Black (USA), Bayard (France), Watkins (UK), Albin Michel (France) and Nosy Crow (UK).

Over the years, the publishing house sold translation rights to Flammarion (France), Klematis (Denmark), Moses (Germany), Little Book Room (USA), Katofli (Greece), Machaon (Russia and Ukrain), Patloch (Germany), DeAgostini (Italy), Clever Group (Russia), Bantam Books (UK), MPF (Italy), Pastel (Belgium), Atlantida (Argentina and S. America), Labirinth (Bulgaria), Pagony (Hungary), Janis Roze (Latvia) and Brazda (Lithuania).

The highly regarded brand A-NO-NI-MA was established under the publishing House’s umbrella in 2005. The imprint meticulously produces children’s books (both original and translated) of superior quality that approach children with the respect and affection they deserve.

A-NO-NI-MA+ was established in 2006 and is the home for Rony Oren’s Secrets of Clay™, an international bestselling books series, with more than 1 million copies sold globally. The series presents a unique method for crafting enchanting clay characters and scenes, using just three basic shapes: a ball, a hot dog and a pancake.

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The LeeLa imprint was established in 2013 and is the home for spiritual publications, particularly those emerging from the Buddha philosophy and wisdom.

In recent years, having recognized the global changes in the publishing world and the transition to digitalization, the De-Nur Publishing House has shifted its center of activity. The content of various published books is now introduced into real-world, hands-on, with an emphasis on education. This strategy has proved highly successful, one example being the implementation of Rony Oren’s creative approach and unique method into special-needs schools.

Another pioneering project was launched in 2010, when De-Nur led the integration of Oscar Brenifier’s philosophy book-series as a practical curriculum platform throughout a network of “ORT Israel” junior high schools. The project reaches and greatly impacts more than twenty thousand students each year.
For a number of years now, as part of her civic efforts, De-Nur has been volunteering as a member of various steering and municipality committees in Tel Aviv. Her activities involve contributing to long-term urban planning, promoting the importance of urban democracy, as well as the preservation of White City architecture, declared by UNESCO as a major world cultural heritage site.

The Max Liebling House, a paragon of international style architecture, is reborn after 80 years as The White City Heritage Center (WCC). In the heart of Tel Aviv the WCC hosts city planners, conservationists, architects and artists in a rich spectrum of cultural and academic activities.

The project represents a 10-year commitment between the cities of Tel Aviv and Berlin, generating practical and theoretical research on urban conservation and archiving, as well as urban memory and its preservation.

The WCC will function as a unique educational visitors’ center.

Together with Mr. Joerg Haspel, head of the Berlin Conservation Department, Daniella De-Nur co-chairs the White City Center advisory board.

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