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The Secrets of Clay™ How To series reveals claymaster Rony’s unique and simple method, making it possible for anyone to create a magical wonderland of clay characters. All creatures, settings and scenes can be built using three simple, yet key shapes: A ball, a hot dog and a pancake. These shapes provide the foundation for constructing an endless variety of combinations, colours and sizes. Children across the globe can create and experience hands-on, a fantasy world of clay creatures, achieving amazing results.

Secrets of Clay™ 1 - Pets & Farm Animals Secrets of Clay™ 1 – Pets & Farm Animals (Beginner)
Beginner claymasters learn as they clay, discovering the Secrets of Clay™ while creating their favourite farm animals. The full range of charming, yet simple models include: Frogs, cows, cats, dogs, bunnies, bees and even flies. Rony’s detailed clay illustrations and descriptions lead hands-on creativity, while learning about nature.
Sold in: Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Argentina, Latin America and Latvia
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Secrets of Clay™ 2 - Animals in the Wild Secrets of Clay™ 2 – Animals in the Wild (Intermediate)
Go Wild! From the jungles of Africa to the icebergs of Antartica, the new claymaster continues to explore and create lions, penguins, hippos, bears and many other wild animals.
Sold in: France, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria , Hungary, Argentina and Latin America
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Secrets of Clay™ 3 - Dinosaurs Secrets of Clay™ 3 Dinosaurs (Advanced)
The advanced claymaster travels back in time to a prehistoric past when Dinosaurs trod the earth. With Secrets of Clay™ you can create these magnificent creatures, while discovering amazing facts – from the gentle herbivore Prosaurolophus, to the infamous Tyrannosaurus Rex.
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Nativity Scene The Nativity (Intermediate)
Rony’s Clayground Nativity Scene brings inspired holiday craft to children across the globe. With baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph and a collection of barn animals, this enchanting manger setting shows children the true meaning of Christmas through the delightful colours and shapes of clay.
Sold in: Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Argentina and Latin America and GermanyContact Us
Rony's Clay Christmas Rony’s Clay Christmas (Beginner)
Children everywhere love to celebrate Christmas and Rony’s Clay Christmas is no exception. Capturing the magic experienced by every child in the season’s build-up, this creative play absorbs children in celebrating hands-on the spirit of Christmas. The unique and simple method, detailed in Rony’s Clayground series, now opens up a festive world of decorations and figurines to young claymasters, eagerly anticipating Christmas. Whether creating Christmas ornaments from clay, using Fimo to style distinctive seasonal jewellery, or crafting dazzling tree-top stars, Christmas with clay enchants and engages every child.
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How to Decorate CakesAges: Adults

Clayground fans can now enjoy a mouth-watering world of fun with The Secrets of Sugar Paste™. Following the best-selling international phenomena, the Secrets of Clay™ series, Rony Oren and Tal Keren Katz have joined forces in an exciting craft–bakery alliance. The new series is full to bursting with a kaleidoscope of colors, designs, ideas, flavors and taste sensations. Rony applies his unique, yet simple method for creating characters with only 3 basic shapes – a ball, a sausage and a pancake, transforming well-loved Clayground characters into irresistible birthday cake decorations.

Secrets of Sugar Paste Secrets of Sugar Paste – How to Decorate Cakes (Adults)
Now anyone can easily make and decorate scrumptious, yet exquisite cakes with sugar paste using the unique Secrets of Clay™ method based on three basic shapes: Ball, pancake and sausage.
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Secrets of Sugar Paste – The Cupcakes Book (Adults)
Cupcakes is the second in the Secrets of Sugar Paste™, the exciting bakery/craft alliance emerging from Rony Oren and Tal Katz. With this latest release, sugar paste and clay modelling enthusiasts can enjoy fun and delicious hand-sized favourites in beautiful sugar paste designs. With Cupcakes, anyone can find their inner artist, whether creating in clay or sugar paste™. The simple, step-by-step instructions based on the successful Secrets of Clay™ method use the same three basic shapes: Ball, pancake and sausage to build every scene. Rony’s proven method, together with the accompanying 1:1 scale photographs make it possible for anyone to create unique and mouth-watering cupcake originals.
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BOARD BOOKSAges: 0 – 2 years

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Babies and toddlers can be introduced to Rony’s colourful 3d creations.

Skill building and fun starts really early with the Colours and Numbers books for infants and toddlers. Selected illustrations from the pages of the Secrets of Clay™ series introduce 3-dimensional form to young minds, who can delight in experiencing a new landscape of numbers and colours. With every page they discover a world of knowledge through images, animals and flowers.
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BLUE BEARAges: 2 – 5

A new fiction series written and illustrated in clay by Rony Oren.
Dealing with fears, desire and other weighty issues that trouble Blue Bears.

Blue Bear: Sweeter than Honey Blue Bear Sweeter Than Honey
Providing a channel to address a classic childhood dilemma, Blue Bear in Sweeter Than Honey must wrestle his craving for sweets, finding an equanimity that young children can accept.
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Blue Bear: Wants to Sleep Blue Bear Wants To Sleep
Presented as a dialogue between parent and child, the Blue Bear Wants To Sleep moves between soothing and apprehensive tones. This Blue Bear provides a legitimate voice for a child’s night fears and vibrant imagination.
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